To begin, I feel a compelling need to start with the Beginning—without Whom I would have no purpose for writing, moreover, no purpose. Only on account of the indwelling Life of the Enfleshed God do I even possess a life to live, a life to share, and a life to invest and bestow. So with the Beginning I begin. With the Life I live. And with the Truth I endeavor to commune with you.

This being the sign of anything to come, I hope you’re prepared to walk this path.

Two years shy of a decade ago I began walking a radically different path. I had grown up a ‘normal’ child, hah! Perhaps, what is considered normal in our times. I was a typical Kiwi bloke, for all of you that have no idea what a Kiwi is or for those who think I just labelled myself a fruit—I figure I have some explaining to do. I’m a New Zealander. To some that sounds wonderful. To others of like land, that potentially just produces a ‘good for you.’ So it is good for me. I grew up as a lad with an absentee Dad. I lived a life eventually devoted to becoming the greatest horse trainer in the world. Horses! Strange, eh? Well yes, horses it was for me. I was determined to be the best and I was on the path, had the job and all.

Positioned to succeed. Driven to accomplish. Determined to arrive.


However, at some point my own ego led me somewhere I hadn’t intended to go—a church. I had intended to get involved with the person who took me to the church production but not the Person through Whom the church had begun.

What a day it was!

I was engulfed in the production. Felt like I was living it. I heard about the Enfleshed God. I became sickeningly aware of my own wretchedness, so much so that I, even I, rallied with God in recognizing the damning judgment of which I was deserving.

Now, just wait.

You’re thinking, this crazy sod wound up in some Bible bashing ring!

Not at all. In fact that church, which I would eventually attend for some length of time before moving to another city, was far from Bible bashing. They weren’t bashing enough in my maturing estimation. Yet, I recognize that most perceived bashing is perhaps better referred to as ‘being real.’ Though I also grant that some folks possessing tremendous zeal and little to zero wisdom have bashed, are bashing, and will continue to bash, but for the grace of the Lord. However, this is all a topic for another day.

No, there was not any bashing. However, they were explaining the truth regarding my human predicament. The Enfleshed God Himself was allowing me to understand it as the truth about me.

So, I was engulfed. Exposed by the Truth. For the first time in seventeen-going-on-eighteen years…I knew myself! And it was dreadful. I was dreadful. I wasn’t scared to see myself for the first time. Justice, I thought. The Truth was freeing. Yet, I wondered if there was hope for someone like me. Someone wretched and deserving of nothing but, well, I guess that depends who you ask. Before the Creator I was an enemy. Yet He didn’t treat me as such.

I heard about the Enfleshed God.

He walked the earth. Full God. Full humanity. One man. He came to the earth filled with love for His enemies. He lived a life, holy, that is, set apart—altogether different from any other life. A life completely devoted to God, the Father. You see, the Enfleshed God is God the Son. Conceived by God the Holy Spirit in the virgin Mary. Three persons. One God. Always has been. Always is. Always and ever will be—God.

Yes, the Enfleshed God, the Son, lived an altogether different life. Loving God His Father with all of His heart; the entirety of His mind; the absoluteness of His soul; and the uttermost of His strength—right up until, through, and beyond His temporary pause.

Yes, His temporary pause—His physical death.

Men of falsehood deviously seized Him. Mockery sprayed over Him. Wounds amassed upon Him, etching into the very fibre of His DNA. Fists, and whips mercilessly driven by the hands of men. A cross bestowed upon Him, to bear up unto His death. Driven to the place of the Skull and pierced through with ordained, yet unaware, nails in both His hands and feet. Hung high before despising crowds to receive their disdain until His death.

‘Father forgive them,’ He implored.

He endured what was seen. Yet what was unseen was worse. The crushing blow that was coming. The Enfleshed God is the perfect Lamb: unblemished, pure, holy. Upon Him was laid the overwhelming flood of every sinner’s sin; from humanity’s commencement until our decreed end. And the crushing blow of death due to all sinner’s was laid upon Him.

Darkness despised the light of day three hours and His ever known fellowship with His Father was broken. He endured the crushing blow and in His Omnipotence bowed His own head. He drank the dregs of the cup of wrath that belonged to you and I and victoriously proclaimed: ‘It is finished.’

He gave up His life for it could never be taken from Him. His followers shook.

Had death enveloped Him who is Life?

He was laid in a virgin tomb and sealed in. Roman guards kept watch.

One day passed.

Two days.

But on the third…

The clenched fist of death was snapped open and Life crushed death underfoot.

He is risen!

The Enfleshed God in all the radiance of His resurrected flesh!

Changed, yet physical. He appeared to His followers. They touched Him. He ate with them. He appeared to many others throughout forty days, showing Himself risen from among the dead! Then before the eyes of His followers, He ascended into Heaven. Whisked away before them because a seat awaited Him. The seat in which He now sits with all authority! The seat at the right hand of God, His Father.

This Enfleshed God assuming humanity whilst retaining His divinity, His perfect life of obedience to the will of His Father, His atoning death for the sins of the world, His booming resurrection from among the dead and His triumphant ascension into Heaven made the only way for a wretch like me to be reconciled to the God by Whom I was created.

Would I only turn from my own ways and trust in Him?

Repent and believe.

This I did, by His grace, and my life was changed. I left my job training horses with a call from God to preach and teach the Bible. To this end I have devoted myself, until He takes me home to be with Him in Heaven. I am the one with whom you think and converse here; and it is from this transformed state, as a follower of Jesus Christ, the Enfleshed God, that I speak with you.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.26.18 PM

You may or may not have experienced a transformation similar to my own. Either way, whoever you are, I welcome your presence, your thoughts, and your interaction. For to know and be known are great gifts. Hopefully we can share them. As we move forward, your comments are encouraged, your emails are welcomed, and any other contact will be gladly received.

You will find three different avenues:

  • Posts regarding specific life issues and/or events from my own life and/or the wide world around us.
  • Posts definitively dedicated to plumbing the depths of our combined minds regarding certain complex life questions, statements, quotes, beliefs, and the like.
  • Finally, posts of a poetical nature; a collection of my own word imaginings put forth with the intention of provoking deep thought discovery and, more importantly, pointing toward a vision of beauty through the collection of words and imagery and how the content both colors and unveils the varied subject matter.

I have aptly entitled this blog ‘Musing Life’s Mysteries’ because that is what we shall do. Or at least I shall, should no other soul desire to converse. One final explanation: I specifically designate the different subject matters ‘mysteries’ not because I hold that truth and certainty about them is unknowable, far from it! I attribute this term because a true mystery may be known, to great extent, however, it should always provoke a response—be it contemplation, adoration, or perhaps something greater still!

Alright, I think we’re ready now. Bon voyage!


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