Sweet, succulent, desirable and free
These the phrases most accurate of me.
‘Come and eat of me’
Oh won’t you come!
‘You may try of me, you only need one.’
Once is enough to satisfy, don’t you believe?
‘Come and eat of me! Taste and see.’

The voice of the lover cries out in the cities.
All who hear open infatuation internally;
Number their thoughts! Oh, can they be numbered?
Walking the walk but their hearts are far from them.
Who, oh who, knows the inquiries of the heart?
All of us are good? Good from the start?
Hark now, oh infatuants!
There is fair payment been exchanged.
The freedom you’re tasting is somewhat estranged,
Do you consider it strange?
Have your fill of the sweet savor,
You already are; already gone, do you know how far?
Too far gone, like a camel and an eye,
You need a dangling needle to wake you from the die.
Precious thoughts, oh, the vanity of an ever-opening mouth
The hunger, starvation rumbling
Oh, impoverished souls.

© Daniel Schwamm, All Rights Reserved, 2015.


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