In present darkness, can you hear me?
I cry out in these hollow halls

Your billows roll over me, one after another.
Would that I be rescued!

But I ought not be taken out
These sufferings are carving in me a glory without end.

Pangs constrict upon me daily
In the gymnasium of my intellect,
The physicality of my dwelling,
The piercings of my heart.

The serpent entraps me.
From of old, slyly slithering and
whispering in my ear—
Hark not! Oh, my soul!
The heel has dealt the death blow!
My Lord!

You are with me.
You know me in my pain.
You know me in my sorrows.
You were there on that dreadful day,
the one most dreadful of all.
Heal my heart, oh, Healer!

Renew my mind, oh, Sanctifier!
I am being conformed into Your image.
It hurts.
It is so real.
I know You—You are Life to me.
I need You more.
I’ve grieved You, please oh Spirit
forgive and fill me.

I’m wayward oh Lord,
from the land of sheep.
Deliver me from myself oh God!
Give Your servant the grace to go forth.
You have made me Your mouthpiece,
Your hands, and Your feet.
May I be found in active faith.
Utilizing what’s been given.
Grant me the desires of my heart,

© Daniel Schwamm, All Rights Reserved, 2015.


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