May I mirror Your heart,
You can call me ‘Reflection’,
The good work You start,
Gives me new direction,
No more intersection,
I’m being intersected,
Because my King is alive, you can call Him, ‘Resurrected.’
Yea, He’s alive! Death couldn’t hold Him down!
Used to march to my own beat without making a sound,
Caught up in the sea of sin, all I did was drown,
But You came down, my soul to save, You rescue!
You came to save a hater who did nothin’ but disrespect You.
Many live in denial but the Truth is true,
Truth is, that the only truth is You,
People hear the truth N dunno what to do,
Truth is, Truth’s the One who owns you.
Truth tells us what we ought’a do, it’s Truth to whom we ought’a cling,
Truth’s the One who makes us clean!
When we see the King we begin to know what life means,
It’s more than our selfish goals or mere material things,
We’re made to know Him and reflect His glory like springs,
Yea, You can call me ‘Water’, cos’ I want Your face to be seen.

© Daniel Schwamm, All Rights Reserved, 2012.



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