‘Then, I Saw You’

I came uncertain,
uncertain of what to expect.
I came hiding,
hiding behind a facade.
I came hurting,
hurting from devastation.
I came weighed down,
weighed down with baggage.
I came tired,
tired of meandering.
I came desperate,
desperate for truth.

I saw you.

Your story shocked me.
I didn’t understand why.
Why would you be treated
that way?
How wretched must a person be
to do such cruelty unto thee?
As I gazed upon you, I came to see.
A person need only be as wretched as I.

I watched; eyes burning.
Constrained water truly burns.
Forced my eyes to feast upon the horrors.
Gorge yourself, oh mine eyes!
Gorge yourselves, have your fill of His lot!
Satisfy your gluttony—with His pain.

Your treatment is too much for me to bear.
Please, tell me why.

I need that wall—it keeps me safe.
Oh, that’s kind of you—I appreciate your embrace
but this isn’t a..b..o…ut…
where did you move my grief?
Excuse me,
what are you doing with my bags?
Excuse me sir,
where are you going?
Oh, wonderful!
You know are the way.
I believe.

© Daniel Schwamm, All Rights Reserved, 2015.


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