‘Haiku (33)’

Look into your eyes
They are deep like the ocean
Bottomless delight

© Daniel Schwamm, All Rights Reserved, 2015.


12 thoughts on “‘Haiku (33)’

    1. Yes they so are the window to the soul. Those which belong to my dear lady are not actually blue. I am definitely choosing to delight in what you said first as I write this. The wondrous depths we get to explore in the eyes of another 🙂

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      1. Yes, I always thought so too Daniel. I’ve thought many times if perhaps someone was in distress, and couldn’t reach out, and/or was afraid that you could see it in their eyes. 😦 What do you think?

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      2. Yes, I have certainly found that to be the case as well. I think it is actually amazing what the eyes can communicate. Considering how much emphasis is placed upon listening and talking (as important as they surely are) I think the eyes are a testimony to how we must always be careful to observe others in order to understand them and how they’re truly feeling. Actions (and perhaps we should include reactions) surely do speak louder than words.

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      3. I agree. I didn’t come to this realization, until I matured, and took the time to be compassionate. I was so engrossed in my own dysfunctional world, I had tunnel vision. I pray that I didn’t turn my back on someone that needed a listening ear.

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      4. Yes, I think it’s something we learn over time. I know it has taken a long journey to begin to bring me out of my own self-absorption and into a state of mind where I truly act with compassion. I understand. Though we cannot change the past, by His grace, we get the opportunity to live and act differently today 🙂

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      5. Amen! It was very enlightening to talk to you Daniel. I am going to say good night…I’m getting sleepy. LOL Have a good nights rest, and see you soon. Blessings and peace!!!!!!! 🙂

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