Haiku – ‘Tide/Flesh’ Ronovan Prompt

A crimson tide flowed
From His full incarnate flesh
Redeeming my soul

© Daniel Schwamm, All Rights Reserved, 2015.



    1. Thank you so much! It’s my pleasure. Such a great community of poets to be involved with. I’m excited to continue interacting with you all and to be sharpened and expanded as I read and contemplate all the different works. Thank you also for your most kind words in your review. I’m very humbled by your comments.

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      1. 🙂 Well, since I suffered a concussion a couple years ago I don’t have a filter or off switch. So I tend to say what’s on my mind. It’s one reason I try to do the review all at once, less chance of me to edit. Straight up honesty is best. I have a feeling we have the same view and source for our ideas on that subject and others. Romans 1:16.

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      2. Oh, I see. That is quite the gift to receive. In many ways the filter does us no favours. Yes! So good to hear! 😀 I think it’s great that you take the time to give a thorough review 🙂 Awesome! I’m glad to hear we have the same source 😀

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      1. I’m very encouraged to hear that 🙂 Yes, when I laid eyes upon those two words in the prompt it was like the haiku introduced itself to me and said: ‘These two words belong to me.’ Heh.

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