One Hundredth Post


Dear friends,

Today is the day! Today, I celebrate with you one hundred posts! I’m quite amazed that it has happened. Since committing to this blogging endeavour just three short months ago so much has happened and changed.

It has certainly been far different than I ever imagined and I have been far more blessed on this journey than I could’ve expected.

I’ve picked up a new love…as I’m sure you’ve seen…ahem ahem Haiku!! πŸ˜€ I’ve gained greater appreciation and delight for photography through many of your blogs. And I’ve been provoked to such great thinking through each of your work.

So, I thank each of you. For without each of you then I would never have made it to this point, nor would this journey have been anywhere near as worthwhile.

I thank each of you for every like and comment that you have encouraged me with, for without your encouragement I’m sure I wouldn’t be celebrating this today either.

Onwards and upwards! The journey must go on. Life keeps moving. While we breath we must write. I’m excited as we continue this great adventure, all of us, together!

Love, peace and blessings to you all!

Happy blogging!


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