Haiku – Cover/Color – Ronovan Prompt

exalted sibling
covered in technicolor
dangerous choices

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Haiku – ‘Under’ Prompt

flourishing poppies
sway corporately in breeze
men six feet under

© Daniel Schwamm, All Rights Reserved, 2015

This was influenced by thoughts upon ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae

Inspired by the prompt at

For: Haiku horizons prompt ‘under’

‘Collaborative Cascading Haiku’ (Tribute to New Zealand/Aotearoa)

Te Reo (Maori language) used in this poem
Mana= Power
Te Atua= God
Aotearoa[Ao-te-a-ro-a]= Maori name for New Zealand (some translations have this to mean ‘land of long white cloud’ but this is not a literal translation)
Kiwi = a native flightless bird and one of our national symbols

Land of Long White Cloud
Hear thunder roar from our shores
Torrents of Mana
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