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This blog is a journey of exploration throughout the various heights, widths, depths and circumferences of our minds and experiences as far as they find their interpretation, beauty, and meaning in the God become flesh.

You can expect to be provoked to think at differing depths through several mediums, primarily posts containing various forms of poetry, while also posts of a biblical nature.

These posts will be from the observable depths of my own thoughts, analytically dissecting our shared experiences; and posts of reflective poetical bounty with the hope of drawing from the mines of beauty which are our lives in all of their excitement, frustration, beauty, horror and everything else in between.

While you’re here please remember:

Life is better together; and thoughts are better observed and expounded upon in the participatory presence of others.

There will also be the accompaniment of my own photography that I hope you can enjoy.

All feedback is welcomed. Please do comment on any post. Think with me. Share your thoughts. Let’s explore together.

Feel free to follow me and walk this journey together.


12 thoughts on “Home

    1. Wonderful question =) Genesis 2:25 is heavily contrasted with Genesis 3:7 – where they are now ashamed at their nakedness after their disobedience to the Lord. Very striking contrast. You should check it out and see what you think =)

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      1. “after their disobedience”…

        Just Obey, Do as I told you, don’t talk, don’t be free, be in a jail. Can you live like that? The real god is not a dictator, gives you what you need, your own choices, your own life, it’s your’s, you wanna F. it up, it’s upto you. Wanna sleep/dream, your choice. I want to be real, alive, free, I wanna be loved, not hated cause I have choicen to follow the mass. Leaders how are hungry for power, they wanna have multiply slaves.

        My dear Brother, ‘bad’ fellows where so many, the jails were full, the leaders just sent them to other countries, to conquer them, previously Americans where people how lived there so long. White people stole their land.

        Long time ago, the same on a other planet, the bad fellows has to leave, they spread all out, found earth, possessed it. The Commander God, most powerful, knew all. Yeah?


      2. Perhaps to obey the truth and experience true life is what it really means to be free? Is one free when they simply are a slave to disobedience? Whether you obey constantly or disobey constantly you are still a servant to a master. I can freely choose to serve the One True God. Many freely choose to serve the deceiver and are deceived indeed because they believe they are free and doing what they want to do.


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